Geothermal Installation – Holliston, MA

TJ’s most recent project involved replacing two 3-ton air-source heat pumps with two Florida Heat Pumps.   The ground loop heat exchanger is two 510-foot vertical bore, closed loop wells.   Every effort was taken not to damage the home’s beautiful landscaping.  TJ’s used a Wilo Stratos ECM-motor circulator with Bulimo zone valves to optimize the efficiency of this geothermal system.  The Wilo Stratos circulator pumps the loop field and two three-ton Bosch heat pumps.  The Bulimo full port valve allows for proper flow through the heat pump. Additionally, TJ’s used braided flexible connections to keep vibration to a minimum and Caleffi flow meters to ensure adequate flow through the unit.  All of our piping is secured to the structure using Raywall struts with vibration isolation.


  • Bosch Heat Pump

    Well Drilling

  • Well Drilling

    Yard After Well Drilling

  • Florida Heat Pump

    Geothemal Piping

  • Wilo Stratus ECM-Motor Circulator

    Bulimo Full Port Valve

  • Insulated Geothermal Piping

    Insulated Geothermal Piping

  • QIV Testing

    Another quality installation by TJs

Geothermal Installation – Holliston, MA

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