Weather Responsive Controls

Weather Responsive Controls

The easiest and most cost-effective way to reduce fuel is to use a weather-responsive control, also known as an outdoor reset control.  To learn more about how they work and the benefits they can provide, please read the article in our Noteworthy section of this website.

Buderus Logamatic

Simple operation, intelligent functions: that is the basic concept of the Logamatic 2000 Series. Buderus Logamatic controls monitor both indoor and outdoor temperature and accordingly adjusts boiler temperature to actual demand. Lower operating water temperature decreases cool-down and flue gas losses which translate into lower energy consumption and fuel bills.

  • Reduces annual fuel consumption by up to 30%
  • Delivers unsurpassed comfort
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications
  • Unsurpassed heating comfort with increased efficiency
  • Quieter heating system operation with outdoor reset
  • Simple operation through “push and turn” dial concept and digital display

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Viega Basic Heating Control

  • Controls system water temperature based on outdoor reset
  • Modulating mixing valve control
  • Supply temperature high limit
  • Boiler activation
  • Includes supply and outdoor sensors

Viega Basic Heating Control

Viessmann Vitotronic 200

Vitotronic 200

An indoor/outdoor weather-responsive boiler control unit for heating systems with one direct-connected heating circuit or, as an option, with an integrated heating circuit control unit for an additional heating circuit with a mixing valve.

The benefits at a glance:

▪    Easy and uniform operation
▪    Different programming levels for system users and heating contractors
▪    Large display format with simple language provides for easy understanding of all data
▪    Illuminated operating mode switches and heating circuit buttons
▪    Switching times easy to set
▪    Digital time switch with day and week feature. If heating program is changed, times preset for domestic hot water heating will be adjusted accordingly
▪    Automatic sensor/system recognition for fast installation and easy start-up
▪    Automatic resetting to daylight savings time
▪    Service interval display for demand-related maintenance
▪    Fuel consumption display
▪    Program selection for controlled drying of concrete floor in radiant floor heating application.
▪    Fast installation time, start-up and service due to Rast 5-connector system, plug-in function modules and integrated diagnostic system.

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tekmar 260

The Boiler Control 260 is designed to operate a single boiler using outdoor reset. It can be used in applications ranging from baseboard or mixed radiant heating systems, to combination space heating and domestic hot water heating installations. This control regulates a single heating water temperature through outdoor reset and/or Domestic Hot Water control. It is capable of controlling a single on/off boiler and can receive both space heating and/or DHW heat demands.

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Taco PC700

The Taco Boiler Reset Control is designed to improve performance in your hot water heating systems by regulating the supply water temperature of a single boiler based on the outdoor temperature. The control utilizes a heating curve to set the relationship between outdoor temperature and supply water temperature to provide optimum control and comfort. Thanks to its integral microprocessor, the PC700 is able to continuously adjust the boiler differential to avoid boiler short-cycling and large temperature swings, Standard functions include warm weather shut down, minimum boiler supply temperature setting, and a starting water temperature setting. A liquid crystal display clearly shows the boiler supply temperature and other monitored temperatures and settings for simple and effective control.

Taco PC700

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