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Smart Home Energy Monitoring

Eragy’s smart home energy monitoring solution provides you with an affordable way to take advantage of a Control4 smart home automation system to monitor your energy use and reduce your energy bills. By allowing you to closely monitor your power consumption, Eragy empowers you to save valuable energy – and up to 20% on your energy bill.

Eragy’s unique combination of real-time energy monitoring coupled with a Control4 smart home system gives you the best understanding of how much energy you are using before you get your bill.

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How Does It Work?

In conjunction with an easy to install energy sensor and your Control4 system, the Eragy system monitors your energy consumption 24 x 7 and communicates this information to their secure web site. Eragy then uses the rate information from your electric utility and provide you with a host of information on your energy consumption and projected energy costs.
The Eragy system gives you many ways to view this information — on your TV, on a Control4 touch panel, or on any web enabled device — even on your smart phone or iPad!

You can actually see how your energy is being used, by appliance and even by time of day, allowing you to make changes in your usage to save energy and money.

Are There Ways to Save Even More?

In many cases, yes! Your Eragy Home Energy Monitoring system can be upgraded to provide even more savings. Eragy’s award-winning Intelligent Home Energy Management system has been shown to save homeowners up to 30% or more on their electric bills. And the best part is that this system works automatically — saving you money every month!

Eragy Breakthroughs

Eragy recently introduced the MyEragy family of energy applications and services.

Eragy’s new energy monitoring software for consumers, MyEragy, is a free energy monitoring service that allows homeowners to view their home’s energy usage and cost from anywhere online.  MyEragy, coupled with a compatible in-home power sensor, enables homeowners to save up to 20% or more off their monthly electric bills.

MyEragy now offers an exciting alternative to existing energy tools such as Google PowerMeter™ and Microsoft Hohm™ by providing consumers with valuable information and alerts on their real-time and historical energy consumption.


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